Breaking Up Is Hard To Do!

breaking-up-is-hard-to-doI have just so many things to purge in this 5 bedroom home before we move into an RV and it is challenging posting individual items on craigslist while coordinating schedules for various people to come pick up the stuff. And since it’s all got to go at some point, I decided to have “FREE Fridays” where I advertise a menu of things I am giving away that week and people can come between a certain time (Noon to 4pm, for example) to come pick up whatever they want. If they’d like to donate to my cause, great, but if not that’s totally cool with me. Nobody goes into this to get rich…at least not a worldly kind of rich but rather to enrich the Kingdom of God.

I figure by doing Free Fridays in phases or layers it will be a little easier and less stressful to break up with my stuff. The whole process of downsizing has forced me to prioritize what is genuinely needed versus what is just nice to have. Overall, it has been an immensely liberating experience. I highly recommend it. Live simply.

4 thoughts on “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do!

  1. I can relate. It took us about two months of real purging, selling and donating and throwing of stuff from our house and moved to our rolling home, Betsy. Other than what is with us in our motorhome our only worldly possessions is tucked in a 5×7 storage.
    Before you know it, living a simple life is just the way to do it. Good Luck and let it go.

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    • Thanks for the tips Lowe’s RV travels! It seems to be getting easier to let it go, but wow what a journey already! Lol It is a great feeling blessing others with your stuff and feeling the shackles come off in the process. Everyone should list their house and at least pretend to move into an RV just to be free from unnecessary stuff and to discover what matters most to you! 🙂


  2. Its amazing how we are attached to things that we havnt looked at or used in years. When I came to america i only came with my desktop computer and my grundig stereo.. The grundig stereo has been in the attic for 13 years… Why i didnt purge it then.. I just dont know.

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    • I hear ya, traveling-kind! I think the hardest things for me to let go of will be my piano (although, I will definitely be bringing my guitar and I have a keyboard I could haul along).. It will be equally hard to give up my rose garden. I console myself with the thought that I will hopefully get to see some rose gardens along my travels without doing the work of maintaining the garden! 😉

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