October 4th: Redeemed & Restored through ‘Sailvation’

Twelve years ago, October 4th was the worst day of my life for it was the day my ex-husband held me hostage, suffocated me, strangled me, and pointed a shotgun at me and my infant daughter when I tried to flee our home with my newborn in my arms. That same moment I learned the power of Jesus name for it was only by His grace, my precious daughter and I were literally saved. It was then this “convenient, comfortable, not-that-committed-Christian” suddenly realized this Jesus-stuff is for real. For all I could do in what would have been my final breath, was to desperately cry out through smothering hands, “JESUS! SAVE ME!”. You will never be the same when a demon instantly releases his literal grip on you and says, “Don’t cry out to Jesus!” in the most horrific voice imaginable. Needless to say, it not only took me years to safely exit the relationship, after accepting the realities of the situation, but it took me years to heal as well.

43169852_251284468851402_1656118425602228224_nToday, however, on this October 4th, 2018, while driving to our “sea trial” as we are in the process of purchasing a sailboat we will name “Sailvation”, I realized it was the dreaded date of October 4th. While out sailing though, experiencing unspeakable joy this beautiful sunny day, I thought how ironic that the once seemingly forever tainted date of October 4th has now been redeemed and restored as quite possibly the *best* day of my life! As my cheeks swelled and the wind dried droplets of happy tears sprinkling my face, I thought to myself, “Sailvation” is indeed the perfect name for this boat and October 4th is the perfect date for our maiden voyage together.

Only by His saving grace. #freedom #faithconquersallfear

Thank you, Jerry, for helping me heal over the years and for being my 1st mate. And thank you to the people who adopted my sweet daughters, now 12 and 10, for it brings me great peace knowing they are safe and well-loved. 



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