Maid Ready 2 Serve

Full of love and a willingness to serve others, Carrie & Jerry feel like they have finally been “maid ready 2 serve”. Watch the video to get some great teachings on love and learn how Carrie & Jerry are loving others in this new season of Flip Flop Fellowship!

#loveothers #livetogive #maidready2serve #flipflopfellowship #servanthood #prayer #forgiveness #service #cancer #abortion #adoption #crisis #hell #heavenonearth #faith

Background Music By: Ira Malone, Malone Music

To help us clean for cancer patients and others in a time of crisis, we invite you to support us by praying for us, emailing or writing us encouraging words, and or freely giving through paypal. Thank you for your continued generosity and encouragement!!

You inspire us to keep going.…

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