Havdalah & The Feast of Tabernacles

Last night, #Abba awoke me saying, “Sing the Havdalah…from here on out.” I wasn’t even sure what that was so I googled it. Then today, I learned this song sung as a #Havdalah blessing, which is the closing of Shabbat ceremony done in your home Saturday evening, is directly connected to what is sung during Feast of Tabernacles and is about Yeshua as the well and song of our #salvation. Our temporary “tabernacle” (our sailboat) is legally named “sailvation”. #Yeshua / Jesus quoted Isaiah 12 when He said, “Anyone who is thirsty, let him come to me and drink.” (John 7:37-38)…when speaking of salvation. He made this bold announcement during the water libation ceremony during the Feast of Tabernacles (#Sukkot) see John 7:2,37. How fascinating considering the Spirit has used the Feast of Tabernacles all throughout this peculiar “wilderness journey”He has called us on. Consequently, I investigated this song. Here is the #song…

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