The Coronavirus Awakening

An infectious disease expert says Americans need to not think of this virus as a ‘blizzard’, but more like a ‘winter’.

From a perspective of faith, I see this virus as an awakening. The Lord has repeatedly used and initiated disease, war, and famine to wake His people up or atleast those who claim to believe but don’t obey His instructions (see Deut. 28; Ezekiel 9 and 14:12-23; 1 Peter 4:17; Revelation 6-11). There always is a group of His people that will be sealed and survive. Why? To be a light to those who don’t believe…who don’t obey Him…to teach them to obey God’s voice, which conveniently has been penned and reproduced thousands of copies worldwide and yet most still don’t hear Him. 📖 Bible prophecy students are not surprised about this plague nor ones to come nor any other ‘disruptive event’. Nor are they thinking they are whisked away at the first trumpet spared from tribulation and trials for we know Christ returns at the last trump. Hence, the entire purpose of the “trumpets” or actual disruptive events that will one day cause extreme global crisis to sound the alarm..To hear Him! Notice there are those who are sealed and protected during those events…they follow Him and His instructions to teach others who don’t (Rev.7:3; 9:4; Matt 5:14-19) just like in Ezekiel 9 and the plagues found in the Book of Exodus. God loves to repeat Himself…He is predictable in patterns.

Contrary to popular books, the only Book that matters says you want to be “left behind” for the righteous inherit, rule, and reign on the earth with Jesus the Messiah whereas the lawless, rebellious, disobedient are whisked away to be burned (Proverbs 2:21-22; Matt 7, 13; 1 Corinthians 6:2; Revelation 5:10; 20:4, 6). Way worse events happen before our Messiah returns. So let’s open our eyes and ears to all of His word, repent, and be willing to obey Him, which is how He defines loving God and loving others…let’s be the light by how we love. How does God define love? 1John 5:3

Proverbs 2:21-22 correspond with Matthew 13

Also, thankfully, this virus will force mega-churches and even smaller ones to shut down. Rather, small home groups will flourish and replicate more of how “church” was intended…making disciples – not more ways to donate. 🙌

While I am saddened many have and will continue to perish by this virus, I look forward to seeing and experiencing the “church” being made white like a bright light…like a bright white wedding dress by her desire to obey no matter what it costs (Rev.6:9,11;7:14; 9:4; 12:11,17; 14:12; 20:4)…having been made white by obeying His word (John 17:17; Exodus 19:10; Ephesians 5:27; Revelation 19:7-10). Not because we have to but we’ve been given a seal..a Spirit that causes us to want to obey Him. You either have that seal or Satan’s seal. Choose this day whom you will serve.

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