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I am seeing and hearing lots of Christians invoking blessings for Israel such as Psalm 91’s “No plague shall come near your dwelling” and Isaiah 54’s “No weapon formed against me shall prosper..” as well as singing worship songs about asking the God of Israel to give us clean hands. And yet they are unknowingly rejecting the instructions for Israel while others knowingly rebel against God’s will and wisdom for Israel stating they aren’t Israel so why should they obey. So, essentially many are wanting the blessing without the obedience. Humm…

Friends, if you believe in the Jewish Messiah and His purpose of overcoming sin, which is defined as breaking God’s law (1 John 3:4; Romans 1-2) and it’s penalty of eternal, hopeless death (Romans 3:23, 6:23), by the power of His resurrection, and you have received His Spirit of Holiness/Holy Spirit (Romans 8), then you are adopted/grafted/immigrated or apart of the enlarged Israel (Exodus 12:49; Numbers 15:13-15, 16; Ezekiel 37:15-17; Romans 11; Ephesians 2:11-13; Galatians 3:29), God’s family. As His adopted child, in addition to such benefits like Psalm 91 and Isaiah 54, you are given the responsibility like His natural kids to obey the Father’s household instructions detailed in the first five books of Torah and built upon throughout the rest of Scripture and empowered to do that which is holy, being God’s instructions (Romans 7:12). Hence, the purpose of being given, taught, and led by His Holy Spirit (see Ezekiel 36:27).

Otherwise, if we teach that God’s laws are only for the Jewish people versus all of mankind (i.e. Sabbath was given to Adam & Eve, who were not Jewish- they represented mankind; circumcision was given to Abraham, also not Jewish; Noah, not Jewish, put extra clean animals in the ark for sacrifices), and if we know the Bible defines sin as breaking/not keeping God’s laws (1 John 3:4), then that means Jesus only died for Jews who were gifted God’s commands and the rest of the world is doomed. Rather, Israel, which later became known as the Jews, as well as those who aligned themselves with them (see articles below), were the ones commissioned to both be the light and bring the light to the nations, the light being God’s laws (Psalm 119). Read Isaiah 49:6 and Matthew 5:14-19.

In other words, the role of Israel was and still is to teach the world how God wants to be loved and how He wants us to love others by obeying His instructions, which peaks the interest of others to want to know this peculiar, set-apart, Holy God who offers each of us one fine resurrected day eternal life with Him, through the atonement of His Son. But not only did God provide a means to pay the debt for failing to obey His instructions of love, through the death and resurrection of Jesus the Messiah, but He also provided His Spirit of Holiness to cause those who receive Him an embedded desire to obey Him (Jeremiah 31:31-33)…and embedded desire to want to obey Him out of a grateful heart.

As His kids, we don’t get to pick that Psalm 91 applies to us while disrespecting God’s Sabbath or stuffing bacon wrapped shrimp down our throats (Leviticus 11; Deuteronomy 14; Isaiah 65-66; Revelation 18:2) still thinking we are protected from the reasons Abba Father doesn’t want us to eat unclean or reasons He provides nap time for His kids such as Sabbath. 

Similarly, just as this nation of the USA is imploring everyone to cooperate with the President’s instructions to stay at home and other guidelines designed to benefit us, community cooperation is critical for all of Israel as well, otherwise, all the “kids” (as well as the lost, lawless world) will suffer the consequences of breaking the ultimate President’s (God’s) instructions (Numbers 15:22-41). How could China know about eating clean and the dangers in not doing so if no one explains it to them and shows them in Scripture? Do they even have Bibles? You see my point, hopefully. Having come into such good news, such truth, we are called to be the light to all the nations. By living it and encouraging a lifestyle of holy, clean living, we are loving God and loving others – preventing pandemics and potential eternal death apart from knowing the God of Israel.

May His Spirit of Holiness cause us to reflect on such spiritual truths during this unprecedented “time-out” of cleanliness and rest while recognizing our need to be set free from and come out of the dark, come out proverbial Egypt/Babylon.

For further study, I invite you to explore the following video and articles:

Intentional vs Unintentional Sin, watch this detailed video.

One Law For All

Walk Like An Egyptian

Shalom and blessings!

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