A Testimony of Time through Rhyme

Carrie & Jerry circa 2010

Once upon a time,

There was a couple who rhymed.

Meet a gal named Carrie

And her husband Jerry.

Though their names rhymed,

They had a heck of a time!

Despite meeting at church,

They both still had a lot of hurts.

But first let’s re-wind,

Jump back with us in time…

~ Carrie ~

Carrie @ a Beth Moore Conference

After much heart ache and relentless pain,

Domestic abuse left quite a stain.

Just when Carrie was about to walk away from God,

He stepped in to show her Jesus is no facade.

On July 19, 2009,

Carrie went to the altar needing a sign.

She felt the wind and dropped to her knees,

For the first time speaking in tongues as God pleased.

Upon receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost,

It left Carrie shaken saying to herself, “Holy Smokes!”

After that experience, Carrie was not the same,

On September 16th, she also got baptized in Jesus name!

~ Jerry ~

Meanwhile, life wore out Jerry,

For it was at that time less than merry.

Disgusted with himself and his bad habits,

He jumped out in front of a moving van like a scared little rabbit!

Upon seeing some dude jump in front of his van,

The driver jumped out and said, “Woe, man!”

When he looked at the downhearted Jerry,

The driver said, “Hey buddy! It’s me Gary!”

Gary was driving a church van picking people up,

So Jerry jumped in, now that’s what’s up!

Instead of giving up on life,

Jerry went to the altar to give up his strife.

Circa 2010/2011

At that same service, Carrie was there,

But neither of them knew they’d end up a pair.

They officially met when Jerry helped Carrie move,

Little did they know what God was about to prove.

Jerry got baptized in Jesus name;

On September 5, 2010, he realized he’d never be the same!

Jerry praised the King of heavenly hosts

And on November 14th found himself also baptized in the Holy Ghost!

Jerry and Carrie Turner
February 14, 2011
Married in our York, PA home.

~ Married – Divorced – Remarried ~

Jerry and Carrie married on Valentine’s Day of 2011,

To them it seemed like they were a match made in heaven!

But suddenly all hell broke loose,

The past and present felt like a noose!

shocked-emojoJust when they thought God was on the mend,

Their marriage fell apart with divorce in the end!

Later, they each did their best to focus on God.

They cooperated with Christ letting His Spirit do His job.

Valentine’s Day 2016

While sitting in church, almost 2 whole years later,

What the Spirit spoke to Carrie, made her think God must be a traitor!

The Holy Spirit told Carrie to make amends,

Instead, she tried to think of ways she could make GOD bend!

And even though it was oh so scary,

She eventually was obedient and called Jerry.

After Carrie and Jerry made amends,

It wasn’t long after they were dating again!

And after willing to bend… and bend,

Sure enough, they remarried again!

On November 14, 2015, they said, I do once more.

God said, “Great! Because I have so much in store!”

~ Love From Above ~

Jerry & Carrie
Baltimore, Maryland
“Stay In The Boat”

Carrie and Jerry learned when they place God above,

He certainly can teach them how to love.

They know from experience Jesus heals,

But only when people are willing to kneel.

Today, they go where He says to go,

For they of all people most definitely know…

How can anyone survive this life,

Without the love and grace of Jesus Christ?