Where’s Jennifer is like ‘Where’s Waldo?’

After noticing the American flag worn by many of the Carolina Country Music Fest fans, Carrie explains not only how searching for Jennifer, a brunette wearing a bright red shirt with the American flag on it, was like looking for Waldo in one of those chaotic Where’s Waldo picture books, but she also explains some valuable lessons she learned in the process.

Finding Jennifer @ The Carolina Country Music Fest This Weekend

The Carolina Country Music Fest draws thousands to Myrtle Beach. During such a heavily populated weekend, the Spirit gives Carrie a new assignment…Find “Jennifer”, an unsuspecting and heart-broken country music fan that God wants to sing a new song to!

Watch to learn more about how God speaks to Carrie through visions and uses her to share His abundant love to others.

What Are The Chances? I Found Her!

What would be the chances of finding a dark-skinned gal named LaTonya or LaToya, with a nickname of “Toto” on Memorial Day weekend in Myrtle Beach on the street corner across from where I live? 1 in million! Seemingly impossible, right? I was beginning to think so too.

But just when Memorial Day was coming to a close and as I was feeling like a failure in my God-appointed assignment, lo and behold, “LaToya” appears right in front of me..precisely where God showed me in my vision! Watch the video to find out what happened!! A memorable Memorial Day indeed!

Check out Carrie’s previous videos for the full backstory “The Scary Assignment” and “Wherefore Art Thou, LaTonya or LaToya?”.


Brave Faith @ The Beach

In this episode of Flip Flop Fellowship, Carrie shares some things she is learning about operating in the prophetic as well as demonstrating brave faith during Myrtle Beach’s Black Bike Week…


The Scary Assignment (video)

I have to admit I am nervous about this God-invited, upcoming assignment. It definitely requires a bigger leap of faith. Watch the video to find out what God asked me to do now! Or at least what I think God is asking of me… guess we’ll find out soon enough. :/

My Statement of Faith: Love.

This season by the sea has invited Carrie to float in God’s immense love while teaching her the freedom in loving others fearlessly. The love of Christ has beckoned her to dig deeper in His Word as she reevaluates her own personal statement of faith. In the end, Carrie discovers one’s true statement of faith is love.

No Longer Slaves To Fear, I Am A Child Of God

After wrestling with her fears and religious bondage, Carrie responded in obedience to the Spirit’s invitation to play her guitar on the beach for the first time. You’ll never believe what happened next…

Introducing Leo – Separation Anxiety

Meet Leo, Flip Flop Fellowship’s “mascot”! Life at the beach isn’t all glorious… Little Leo has manifested some separation anxiety. Learn how Carrie has curbed Leo’s fears and how it is connected to spiritual truths.