On Friday evenings, Carrie is facilitating a LIVE streaming Bible study through the Flip Flop Fellowship YouTube Channel from her boat she and her husband liveaboard full time. Since the Sabbath starts Friday evening at sunset through Saturday at sunset and I am hosting this fellowship on our boat via the internet, I am calling this aspect of Flip Flop Fellowship’s ministry ‘Seabbatical’ to play off the term ‘Sabbatical’.

Who: Ladies interested in learning more about applying all of the Word of God to our lives today, a Spirit-led lifestyle, and perhaps a thing or two about boat life from a female’s perspective! 🙂

What: We will study the Bible’s weekly designated Torah (1st 5 books of Bible) and Haftarah portions (prophets and other OT Scripture) as well as any relatable New Testament Scriptures.

How: The agenda of the gathering is to light the Shabbat candles, study and discuss the Word via the chat box, and pray for one another. Carrie will post in advance in the ‘Salt Life Blog’ on Flip Flop Fellowship website the weekly Torah/Haftarah portions in advance for you to read prior to our live stream.

Why: To grow up in God together as He matures us in the truth of all of His word and the abundance of His love. **I don’t claim to be perfected in love just yet nor have all the answers, but I know the One who does!

When: Every Friday night from 7-8pm CST (Yah willing!)

Where: Click Here For Our YouTube Channel