Staying @ Home on the Boat During the Coronavirus

I have been enjoying my free time on the boat during this pandemic. In addition to gardening and learning to hybridize roses (cross-breed), I have finally gotten the name of our boat put on the back (the stern) as well as on the port (left) side and starboard (right) side of our boat. Yesterday, a friend came over and taught us how to open our sails and what all the lines (ropes) do when opening, trimming, and closing the sails properly. Basically, we sailed within our slip (where we are docked). Ha ha! Below are some videos and photos of what we have been doing during the coronavirus pandemic.

A strong gust of wind caused our boat to list or heel to the port side even while in the slip. Always keeping us on our toes! 🙂
Sailing in our slip! Lol
Our main sail has the hull number of our boat #5492 on it. I like to think of these numbers as Isaiah 54 and Psalm 92. They are perfect for who God made me be as a worshipper and all that He has taught me on this faith journey!
Our genoa jib and main sail.