Walk His Way…

My name is Carrie and not only do I deeply love God, whom I call Abba (which means Father in Hebrew – see Deuteronomy 32:6; Isaiah 64:7; Jeremiah 3:19, 31:9) out of respect and relationship, but I have learned to trust Him as I follow Him wherever He leads, whatever that may look like…

After many years of living a somewhat normal (ha ha!) adult life, a few years ago, Abba began speaking to my husband and I an entirely new direction and a new adventure to walk out. It became evident we were to sell or give away our most treasured possessions, follow His Spirit, listen for His voice, get off at whatever exit, sojourn along whichever trail, and do whatever Abba invites us to do. So per His Spirit’s instructions, we listed our 5 bedroom house for sale specifically during the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot in Hebrew), a Feast of the LORD (Leviticus 23) we weren’t that familiar with, and began purging, selling, and giving much away. At that time, we were considered “born again”, evangelical, Spirit-led type of Christians having been members or participants of many different churches including Baptist, Methodist, Charismatic or Full Gospel, Pentecostal and Non-Denominational. I, in particular, have had many peculiar spiritual experiences so this adventure we were embarking on sparked my curiosity.

Our 5 bedroom row-home in PA (2007-2017).

In the Fall of that year, shortly after listing our city row-home for sale, Abba informed me our Pennsylvanian home of 10 years would sell in April and to write it down so I don’t doubt hearing Him. Sure enough, we settled in early April the following year.

Needless to say, one such place we felt the Lord led us to was Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Abba confirmed such a place to me by having me read Isaiah 55 (see verse 13) and studying how the myrtle branches are used to decorate the booths during Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles).

I thought I would be leading people to the LORD, but in reality, the LORD led me to Him. Moreover, the truth of Him.

With thousands of tourist coming to Myrtle Beach, Abba’s Spirit cultivated our listening skills as we had many opportunities to respond in obedience to Him and His whole word. Just as there are endless grains of sand, we had numerous opportunities to bless others through various means. Through it all, He illuminated the importance of what Christianity labels the “OLD” testament. It was in this season of living in Myrtle Beach, after coming upon a law-hating non-denominational church, a deep desire for all of Him and His word was birthed. I began to study Torah, the prophets, and started to honor God’s voice, found in Torah (Deuteronomy 28:1), by doing my best to obey Him. I stopped eating pork, shellfish, and anything else God deems unclean. Additionally, I started to rest on the Sabbath and attempted to celebrate the other Feasts of the LORD the best I knew how.

After sometime at the beach, Abba invited us to follow Him to the next assignment…From beach to boat, we bought a small yacht in Kemah, Texas. Interestingly enough, the Lord worked out the details of that transition once again during the Feast of Tabernacles back in 2018. Even more fascinating was when God’s Spirit of Holiness invited me to investigate what “Kemah” means. To my surprise and delight, “Kemah” means “camp, tent, tabernacle.” Humm..I see a theme here, Abba! We named our sailboat “Sailvation”. While living in Texas on a boat in a nice marina, we made friends, experienced some neat things, and attended a Messianic Jewish congregation about an hour north of us. I sang on the worship team and participated in a Yeshiva (Bible Study) called Torah Club. I learned much in that season and loved soaking in as much of God, His word, and His ways as I could. While being there, I felt like I was closer to the truth than ever before… However, one particular belief manifested that challenged and even offended my theology. It was so serious (at the time), I decided to stop attending, although I missed the people and Jewish style of worship. While living on the boat and still actively studying the Bible and also while taking off my Christian filters, I realized what that belief previously expressed was true, perhaps even more true than they or I realized, though it contradicted the Messianic mission of proselytizing Jews. This rocked my typical Christian theology, but once again, caused me to keep seeking the truth. Throughout the last few years, my theology has evolved. Step by step, Abba has revealed more of Himself through His word, the Hebrew Bible, teaching me mighty things I most definitely did not know!

While still living in Texas, I realized everything Christianity teaches, with the exception of Jesus is Messiah, is wrong – just doctrines of men and fairly easy to debunk if one takes the time to dig into all of God’s word. Later though, it occurred to me if Christianity is wrong about every other doctrine, how can I be sure they are correct in believing Jesus is Messiah? I felt confident I could prove Jesus is the Messiah and could prove it using only the Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible. In my reasoning, God does nothing without revealing it to His prophets first (Amos 3:7) and God’s prophets were remarkably detailed and accurate in prophesying critical details so surely they would be clear and prophesy about God’s only Son, the perfect lamb of God, destined to free us from our sins, yes? In my thinking, if prophets like Jeremiah could foretell about the Babylonian captivity, the timeline being 70 years, or Isaiah could foretell about the Assyrian captivity some hundred or so years in advance while also prophesying King Cyrus, a king that wasn’t even born yet, would help the Jewish people come back to their land and establish a temple (Isaiah 45 / Daniel 9 / Ezra 1), then surely, God’s prophets would foretell about Jesus. I assumed it would be relatively easy to prove Jesus is the Messiah using only the Hebrew Bible. To my shock and horror though, what unraveled was intentional deception in translations from Hebrew to English interjecting an obvious agenda rather than the actual word of God. The more I studied, the more appalled and angered I became upon realizing not only had the “Old” testament been doctored and grossly taken out of context, but the “New” testament had several factual errors, numerous discrepancies, and was written based off Paul’s mystical experience, not to mention the Gospels were written last decades after Jesus lived and died, even after the Book of Revelation! And yet, here we are hanging on every supposed word of Jesus making serious doctrines. I can’t remember what someone precisely said just last week let alone decades later! No wonder the various resurrection accounts have so many contradictions, all of which casts serious doubts on the validity of Jesus’ alleged resurrection. Needless to say, I investigated all of this for weeks and months, before finally admitting not only is Christianity a farce, but Jesus is NOT the Messiah.

Indeed, I thought I would be leading people to the LORD, but instead the LORD led me to Him.

Meanwhile, after approximately a couple of years of living in Texas, the coronavirus pandemic hit causing me to miss my family back in Maryland more so than ever. After praying about it, we sold our sailboat and actually made a considerable profit something everyone thought was impossible! Amazingly, in a downed economy during a pandemic not to mention a named Tropical Storm at the time, we sold our boat, got our money, dodged the weather, and made the long journey north east to Maryland.

State of Maryland flag flip flops

After exactly a week of stepping foot back into Maryland, I secured a full-time job and shortly after that, we moved into a nearby, renovated apartment. Oh, how nice it is to have a real bed, flushing toilet, a bathtub, and dishwasher! I have immensely enjoyed getting to spend time with my parents, kids, and other family often! What a blessing!

While working and cultivating relationships with family, I continue to explore and strive to obey God’s word while applying such instructions to my daily life. Like Caleb, Ruth, and the “foreigners” of Isaiah 56, I am choosing to enjoin myself with God, His covenant, and His people.

This site offers articles I am writing as I learn more. I feel compelled to share with readers / viewers what I discovered. In doing so, perhaps you too will seek Abba with your whole heart and mind if you aren’t already doing so. Perhaps you will learn to walk in His ways as I am learning to do so as well. Perhaps your theology will be challenged as was mine (and still is). I trust whatever steps closer you make towards Abba, He will bless you and keep you along your journey as He did for me!

Because Abba’s plan for our adventures began at the beach (and wherever else), the name “Flip Flop Fellowship” seemed appropriate. Because it’s about walking out this faith journey wherever God’s Spirit beckons, much like the Israelites in Moses’ day (see Exodus 13:18-22), or how Abraham, Caleb, and Ruth left all they knew to follow God/Hashem/Abba. I had no idea when I picked the name Flip Flop Fellowship years ago, that this journey would “flip-flop” my faith from Christianity to Judaism. With each step, I am delighted to embrace HOW to love, live, and worship as defined in the Torah and all of the Hebrew Scriptures. I look forward to both being enlightened as I walk this faith journey out as well as illuminating His light to others, which is precisely what His people were chosen to do: Be the light (Isaiah 42:6, 49:6), namely in how we love and live.

To read various theological, but easy-to-understand articles overcoming common Christian misunderstandings, visit the “Carrie, Did You Know?” page. To get an idea of where I am at spiritually and how my faith is similar, but different than mainstream Judaism, visit the “FAQ” page.

It’s been a YAHsome journey! 😉

Walk His Way!