Carrie, Did You Know?


Since leaving proverbial Egypt or Babylon years ago, the Holy Spirit/ Ruach HaKodesh has taught me many truths. This page, ‘Carrie, Did You Know?’, a play off words to the famous song, ‘Mary, Did You Know?’, is designed to be catalog of articles or videos I’ve created since sojourning The Way while coming into many peculiar truths. I pray it blesses you and ministers to your circumcised heart richly!

Heart Matters


Party On! God’s Holy Holidays

Let’s Eat – Table Talk

True Stories – This Is Us

Helpful Resources (in no particular order)

Note: Some of the teachings put forth by these various ministries/websites may or may not agree with one another’s conclusions or even my own. Nevertheless, I have found valuable information from these resources that has benefited my circumcised heart. Always get in the word for yourself!