How To Study the Bible

The Bible has many mysteries just awaiting to be solved. One mystery unlocks another and so forth all revealing more and more of God. Here are some ways I found particularly helpful when seeking truth in the Bible.

1. Have an open mind; forget what you were told certain passages mean and simply let Scripture interpret itself.

2. Be willing to be wrong about what you think you know.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Write your question(s) down or whatever topic you are interested in.

4. Be a Bible Detective. Get a concordance and look up every time that word/subject/topic is mentioned in the Bible. How do those verses define that word/concept/subject?

5. Take copious notes on what you discover with supporting Scripture. Put it into an essay or article..write it out or speak it to help you process and summarize what you discovered.

6. Be a Bible attorney. Build a case both for and against such concept using evidence of various Scripture, then make a judgment based on the evidence. For example, when I went to build a case to prove Jesus is Messiah while still a Christian, that is when the case against Jesus being Messiah mounted with overwhelming and dissapointing evidence.

7. Be a Profiler. Using the Hebrew Bible, make a list of clues and criteria of a type of role such as the profile of a prophet, profile of a messiah, profile of a priest, etc.

8. Enjoy the blessings in what you discover and share with others.

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