Test Results for COVID-19

This week I became ill with the symptoms of COVID-19. First, extra tired, then a dry cough, tickle/tightness in my chest, in addition to my usual nasal congestion from allergies, and by Wednesday, a fever of 99.5 manifested. My normal temp is around 97.7 approximately. Late Wednesday afternoon, I was on the phone with my doctor who assured me a fever won’t manifest with allergies (an ongoing dilemma of mine) so she referenced me to a local hospital here in my city (League City) to be tested. The hospital clinic pre-screened me over the phone to even get an appointment. Meanwhile, I cancelled my upcoming cleaning appointments for the next several days to be sure not to potentially expose any of my clients.

The next morning, I had to go to a somewhat secret entrance in a remote area in the hospital complex but separate from the actual hospital building. It wasn’t until going in to that office did I become scared seeing several people coming in all reporting the same or similar symptoms. I thought, “My God, either this town has a bad cold going around or COVID-19 is in full force here.” The nurses and doctors were professional and efficient with getting each patient in and out while disinfecting the lobby area often. We all had to wear masks, but I still worried about the healthcare workers. Most had on what we hear now in the news often “PPE’s”, personal protective equipment, commonly seen when someone is going into an Intensive Care Unit such as yellow gowns, simple masks, surgical hair cap, footies, and gloves, but still I worried for them. I also worried for the 20 somethings receptionist gals who wore no protection but were behind a plexiglass partition of some sort. I recall the young ladies taking people’s information and looking grieved, but trying not to show it, as if in their minds they were labeling us patients as the walking dead. I only had to wait maybe 15 minutes before being seen. First, the nurse took and recorded my vitals, then tested me for the flu through a swab up my nose in both nostrils. After getting tested for both strands of flu, my results came back 10 minutes later as negative. Then, I was ushered down to another room to be seen by a doctor. After filling out a clinical form regarding my symptoms, age, and any underlying medical conditions, I put the pen down and took the opportunity to thoroughly wash my hands after noticing a sink in the room. Never can be too careful these days! Next, a doctor came in and inquired about my symptoms and recorded them. She then listened to my heart and lungs, all of which she said sounded good. She informed me whatever I have is not a sinus infection or bronchitis, but it is something viral. She said they have seen numerous patients within recent days and something is certainly going around, but as to if it COVID-19 or not is to be determined. Next, she took a long q-tip looking swab and stuck it so far up my nostril it made me tear up. The doctor apologized but explained that is what it is supposed to do. While I would not want to do that everyday, it was only uncomfortable for about 10 seconds and certainly not as bad as a strep-throat test, in my opinion.

While waiting for my results though, trying to be positive about the situation, I pondered the potential blessings in contracting the disease early on. The best benefit I could think of was if it is true you become immune to it after having survived it (at least for a year or so they are saying), then I could potentially help others suffering without fearing for my own health. Still, no one can predict how this particular virus will respond in each individual person so I was hopeful, I would not have to find out.
After quarantining myself for two days awaiting my results and taking it easy at home here on my boat, my results amazingly came in relatively fast just a bit over 48 hours rather than the 72 hours they said it would probably take. Today, while resting on Sabbath, I got an email stating my results came in and I just needed to log into my health portal online. After doing so, I am delighted to report the results are “Not Detected”, meaning they could not detect COVID-19 in me. YAY! Praise God!

Sadly, since being tested, more positive cases in my county have been made known. May we continue to intercede in prayer for one another and thank you to those that knew about my situation and prayed for me.

I share my experience with you so you will know how the testing process works in the event you become ill and to also let you know that other illnesses present similarly to COVID-19 symptoms so take it serious, but stay calm. It may just be an untimely cold. Blessings and Shalom!

Coronavirus in America: Relationship. Rebuff. Reboot.

Had a serious heart to heart with my elderly parents this morning (both sets) regarding the coronavirus impact. I also want to share with you…

BIG changes are coming to America. Soon we will see buildings, cities and states not allowing people out or in. Domestic flight travel will most likely cease as will state-to-state travel. There is a limited window of opportunity like one to two weeks if that to position ourselves for this storm…this war…this virus. The decisions we make these next few days as whether or not to stay or go (like to get to your elderly parents if they live elsewhere or whatever your situation may be) or them to leave to hunker down somewhere more isolated will have to be made these next few days because soon we will not be allowed to go anywhere for weeks…months. Yes seriously. I have studied the data, listened to all the press conferences in full, read numerous articles, watched and learned from others while discerning what the Spirit is saying about this spirit as well as read between the lines or discerning the spirits of those reporting information.

Do not assume your local hospital will be able to save you or your health insurance guarantees you will get the best care nor trust in your money thinking you will be able to hire help. When this virus peaks in the USA, which probably won’t be till late May/June, hospitals will be over run, everybody will be in lockdown, you will not be able to hire help, ambulances will be significantly delayed. Other conditions or what we once labeled emergencies like heart attacks, broken bones, etc will be ignored or low priorities. Just evaluating the stats, thousands will be infected. Many will recover, but many will also perish. Your money will buy you food to be delivered, but other than that, it won’t be of much use for awhile. So stop trusting in it and crying over stocks. Cry over those dying without intimately knowing Christ and not following His Father’s will for their lives (Ezekiel 9:4).

This is not fear, this is fact and even faith. Being prepared mentally and spiritually and physically as the Lord directs for this battle is wise and even an act of obedient faith. Noah trusted in the Lord when He forewarned and Noah prepared accordingly. This virus is like a tsunami. The “curve” or wave is rising dramatically and will continue to heighten just as a real tsunami rises the closer to making landfall. Many prophets have seen tsunamis hit America- perhaps it was symbolic of this or perhaps it is literal for a later time.  Regardless, prepare for this flooding virus. The Israelites were sealed by the blood of the Lamb on their doorpost (also represented their renewed minds)but they also were locked and loaded the night of Passover having the sandals on their feet ready to roll out when the Spirit said now (Exodus 12:11). This is not a joke nor life as we knew it. This is proverbial war and also a rebuff and reboot.

Believe in Jesus/Yeshua as your Messiah, memorize Scripture, renew your mind in His word, trust in God and what His Spirit instructs you to do because you won’t be able to trust in healthcare, various services, luxuries, guns, etc. Also, honor those in authority. Remember His Holy Spirit will never contradict His documented holy instructions (found in the Bible). This pandemic is practice for real tribulations to come. Pray, listen, trust in God’s plan: Should you stay or should you go? He customizes each of our course for His glory and purposes. Just know that for the next several weeks and months, you will be laying down your life as you knew it. Go with whatever God, that still small voice inside, is telling you to do, but verify what you think He may be saying doesn’t go against what He already said (in the Bible).

As for me, with the blessing of my husband, have made myself available to be in Maryland as I want to honor my parents and be there for the kids should they need care. But I am also respecting their boundaries or hard decisions they will be making these next few days as to whether they accept the offer or not. I have exhorted them to have a plan and be prepared to live with whatever their decision is for quite awhile. The same applies to all of us. Now is the time to press in. Seek first God and respond in whatever He instructs you to do.

These are the things the Lord has instructed me over the past year:

– Pray to Me like you have no bills (trust in His provision)
-The landscape of America is about to change (incidentally that was last March exactly a year ago) a serious event would occur
-War is coming -Memorize Scripture
-Get Ready To Love
-Grow food – learn everything you can about gardening

This particular plague is temporary in the big picture, but it is real and is part of our spiritual maturity, “A-horribly-amazing-purification-process”, a phrase I often experience and speak to.

We don’t have all the answers, but we know The One who does. Relationship. Rebuff. Reboot. He specializes in purifying the earth and minds.