Music of the Heart


This past Sunday, I was afforded the opportunity to lead worship at a church here in York, Pennsylvania. For most of 2016 I along with a few others led worship for that church, but I stepped down last Fall per the Spirit’s leading since evidently He was preparing me for this next salty adventure. So after many months of not leading worship, I was delighted it worked out I could once again join them. Many times throughout 2016 that same church body graciously allowed me to play the songs I wrote on the piano. Since stepping down, I felt led to learn how to play the guitar and absolutely love it…even more so than the piano! On Sunday, I was able to play the guitar as well as I song I wrote! I am thankful for people who are gracious and encourage utilizing the gifts the Lord had given us. I look forward to play such songs at the beach soon. Worship by the Sea sounds remarkable to me!

The song I wrote on 1/24/17 and opened with is called… Check it out! The words and chords are below the video.

“Let It Be” by Carrie Renee Turner

Chords A, G, D, A


A              G              D               A

Oh, Let it be, Let it be, Let it be.

Verse 1:

A                           G                   D                A

Oh, why fight the undoing? Just let it manifest!

A               G                   D                     A

Our God is revealing your heart in this mess.


Verse 2:

A               G                         D                     A

Our God isn’t shrinking as He sees your ugliness.

A               G                       D                     A

Perhaps He is healing your heart in this press.


Verse 3:

A                      G                       D                     A

Trust in our Father, as He creates your holiness.

A                 G                     D                           A

Sons and daughters, beloved, you are blessed!



Afterwards, I played Though You Slay Me and then Take Courage My Heart…. We finished up with Great Are You Lord!