In Over My Head

If I had to pick just one song to capture this season of my life here at the beach, it would be “In Over My Head” by Bethel Music. Since relocating to Myrtle Beach, temporarily alone, I find myself tumbling in the undertow of a Spirit-led life, which is ironic considering I actually did get caught up in a wave’s undertow as a child right here at Myrtle Beach. Now living here, the Spirit of Christ has His grip on me as He rips me from the safe shores of religion. Surely, His goodness and mercy frees me. Upon surrendering to His doing, or shall I say undoing, I then find myself floating in Christ’s abundantly fluid love while He teaches me to trust and rest in His love and the current He is taking me in. The freedom and depth in and of His love are as deep and wide as the sea that surrounds me. Truly, I am in over my head.

I invite you to watch this lyric video produced by Bethel Music. Perhaps this is the song I should be learning to play in this season by the sea…

Music of the Heart


This past Sunday, I was afforded the opportunity to lead worship at a church here in York, Pennsylvania. For most of 2016 I along with a few others led worship for that church, but I stepped down last Fall per the Spirit’s leading since evidently He was preparing me for this next salty adventure. So after many months of not leading worship, I was delighted it worked out I could once again join them. Many times throughout 2016 that same church body graciously allowed me to play the songs I wrote on the piano. Since stepping down, I felt led to learn how to play the guitar and absolutely love it…even more so than the piano! On Sunday, I was able to play the guitar as well as I song I wrote! I am thankful for people who are gracious and encourage utilizing the gifts the Lord had given us. I look forward to play such songs at the beach soon. Worship by the Sea sounds remarkable to me!

The song I wrote on 1/24/17 and opened with is called… Check it out! The words and chords are below the video.

“Let It Be” by Carrie Renee Turner

Chords A, G, D, A


A              G              D               A

Oh, Let it be, Let it be, Let it be.

Verse 1:

A                           G                   D                A

Oh, why fight the undoing? Just let it manifest!

A               G                   D                     A

Our God is revealing your heart in this mess.


Verse 2:

A               G                         D                     A

Our God isn’t shrinking as He sees your ugliness.

A               G                       D                     A

Perhaps He is healing your heart in this press.


Verse 3:

A                      G                       D                     A

Trust in our Father, as He creates your holiness.

A                 G                     D                           A

Sons and daughters, beloved, you are blessed!



Afterwards, I played Though You Slay Me and then Take Courage My Heart…. We finished up with Great Are You Lord!