Miracles: Evidence Jesus is God?

Many Christians feel Jesus must be God and or The Messiah simply because he performed miracles or because the Christian has witnessed or personally experienced a miracle such as a healing, for example. I also have had various spiritual experiences, which seem to solidify one’s faith in say, Jesus. But what if God, in His abundant love, simply allows miracles to help you along your faith journey while not validating “Jesus” or whatever you believe in is absolute truth? Many religions currently and throughout history have had documented miracles of various kinds or spiritual experiences , not just Christianity.

In fact, according to an article by Britannica titled “Miracles In The Religions of The World”, they write:

Hellenistic religion presents one of the best examples of a civilization in which miracles play a major part. The intervention of the gods in the affairs of the Homeric heroes takes place in a cosmos in which the divine and human spheres still interact. Later Hellenistic syncretism conceived of the sublunar world as a distinct sphere, though higher powers could miraculously irrupt into it. Miraculous cures (e.g., at the sanctuary of Asclepius at Epidaurus), divine manifestations of various kinds (e.g., voices, dreams, and theophanies), and even virgin births and resurrections were widely reported.”

It is said one reason Christianity was an “easy-sell” to the Greeks or Gentiles is because some of their gods were born of a virgin and or died and were resurrected. In other words, miracles, including alleged miracles of virgin births and resurrections, were well-known and reported due to Greek mythology or Hellenism.

Additionally, according to the above linked article as well as many others, faiths like Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, and a variety of pagan religions over the centuries, including witchcraft, all report miracles – not just Christianity. In other words, thinking Jesus must be God by passionately saying, “in Jesus’ name!” as if it is a magic charm and then seeing a miracle manifest is not exclusive or indicative as one must know the One True God or be the One True God. If you recall from the Exodus story found in Exodus 6-15, you will notice the Egyptian magicians could conjure up many of the same miracles God’s prophets, Moses and Aaron, did (see Exodus 7: 10-11,22; 8:7). In fact, God warns in Deuteronomy 13 that He will specifically send false prophets or false messiahs, or magicians, if you will, to test your heart to see if you will turn away from the absolute truth of the One True Living God and His documented voice, His instructions for life and love, found in Torah (first 5 books of Bible). For God warns if a person comes along performing miracles or signs that actually manifest, but then implores you to worship them or another god and or instructs you to do away with God’s Torah, His law, then you should NOT follow, NOT believe, NOT trust in that person or religion for it is false and simply a test to know what is in truly in your heart. Notice the verses specifically states “Follow none but Adonai (the LORD) your God, revere none but Him, and only follow His commandments” – not Jesus’ commands, not Paul’s or any other person’s – especially if their instructions or epistles contradict God’s!

So while other religions or people come along proclaiming and manifesting fascinating miracles, which inevitably will continue to happen, consider the following possibilities:

  1. It is a test as just discussed.
  2. Even though it is a test to see if a person who already knows the One True God will remain faithful to their Abba Father (God) and His word (aka Jews), God can use any illness or any healing miracle, or even false prophets for His glory (read the story of Balaam, a false prophet, in Numbers 22-24), or an oppressive leader like Nebuchadnezzar, as documented in the Books of Jeremiah and Daniel, to make His true name known to a person and others who learn of such miracles or events. God specializes in making His name known. Read the plethora of stories and statements made by God in the law and prophets. God says over and over again – He is all about making Himself, His name, made known for He is the ultimate Educator! So whether you are Jew or Gentile, God loves you and can and will allow illness or oppression, as a couple of examples, as well as miracles or deliverance, as a means to make Himself known to you in a meaningful and personal level.
  3. Know that whatever false prophet, false teacher, false messiah, seeming despair, seeming miracle, government leader, etc. that manifests, God may be using it as a test, and a means to reveal more of Himself to you, and has always been after circumcised hearts and wants a relationship with you. Therefore, He often allows said things as a means to draw you closer unto Him.

In conclusion, God graciously allows miracles in a variety of people, places, and even of differing faiths to ultimately bring us closer to Him, guiding us into more of who He is and His truth, not to necessarily validate a specific person or ideology is indeed abiding in His unchanging, absolute truth. Likewise, God graciously allows ailments or seemingly unfortunate circumstances in our lives to also bring us closer to Him, guiding us and others into more accurate truth of who He is and His will for us (just read the Book of Job), not to necessarily punish us for some wrong belief or sin. Moreover, according to the Prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 55:8 and the overall theme of the Book of Ecclesiastes, God’s thoughts and plans, or His will, don’t always align with our will or make sense to us, but for whatever reason, He allows, creates, and manifests such things as He deems. As the final verse of Ecclesiastes proclaims:

Learning to trust Him, surrendering to Him and His will, even when it doesn’t align with ours, that is the real miracle and authentic faith made manifest.

Much love, shalom, and blessings.

Carrie R. Turner, 10.4.2020

(Exactly 14 years after I cried out, “JESUS, SAVE ME!” – Thank you, God, for hearing my prayer and miraculously saving me anyway.)