Prophecy, Prosperity, & Puerto Rico

(Recorded March 28, 2018) In this episode, Carrie updates you on if the prophecy she and Jerry received in October 2017 manifested. She also discusses some interesting truths she’s gleaned about prosperity and a potential opportunity in Puerto Rico!

I Hear You & You Hear Me

(Recorded March 18, 2018) In this episode, Carrie shares how various doors are opening as she hears God and He hears her! All one has to do is be willing and wait on the Lord to make it happen.

We Are Moving!

In October 2017, the Lord invited Jerry and Carrie to follow Him to a distant land… To find out to where, to do what, and the backstory of how it all went down, watch the video and be sure to subscribe to our blog and YouTube channel to follow along in this latest adventure!

Settlement Snap-foo!

One thing I’ve particularly learned these past 6 months since listing my house in response to God’s call is to BE FLEXIBLE and forget your plans or coming up with a plan… God always has so much more to reveal and do through you and your circumstances. Today was no different.

Watch this brief video as I explain how things have changed yet again, but the events of settlement aligned to what God told me would happen back in November. Watch and see for yourself…

A Last-Minute God

Forty-five. Forty-five days till settlement and yet no solidified plan. In forty-five days or less if settlement gets bumped up, which oddly enough I am hoping for, I will be houseless.

ontimegodI do know there will be no RV, as originally assumed. No, it would appear that “plan” was eliminated. I went from,”Okay, God, we will sell the house and go where you say to go…via an RV, yes I like THAT plan!” That WAS the plan, the plan I was good with, but in actuality that was God’s way of luring me out of my comfortable, safe, and stable home – not to mention beloved rose garden while purging me from my junk, both literal and spiritual. After all, it was an adventure for God, right? Still is an adventure for God, but it is certainly not looking the way I envisioned. Oh no, it is far scarier and more uncomfortable than I ever imagined. Had I known, I probably would have opted for safe, convenient, and comfortable. Just keeping it real. In fact, I suspect God’s plan is to literally scare the hell out of me. Not to torment me, but to empower me in His Spirit. You have heard Jesus specializes in setting us free from our fears, haven’t you? All hell has broken loose since committing to “God’s plans”, but miraculously I am learning to have peace, to choose grace, and to quell fear. I confess I have not consistently passed and feel as though the final exam of all that I have learned spiritually the past three years is coming to a head. Nevertheless, I press on.

so-um-god-whats-the-plan-oh-ok-ill-wait-you-do-your-thingSure, I have no real plan. Nothing lined up. Didn’t even realize I prefer plans till it became grossly evident there is no plan. All I know for certain at this point is I am moving out of my house of ten years while significantly downsizing and learning to let go. Let go of my stuff and my plans. Through it all, the Lord tenderly invites me to remove my idols in exchange for the ongoing revelation of my identity in Him. Within this treacherous road, each passing day presents an opportunity of transformation. A death and resurrection.

Alas, while sitting here with no definitive plan and no details worked out for certain, I am realizing He isn’t an “on-time God” as the old gospel song goes because if He was, we’d have a timely plan by now! Ha! Rather, He is more of a last-minute God, but then again I suppose that is on-time in God’s realm. One thing I can testify for certain: God’s plan is a process. Albeit a difficult one to flow in at times, but a prerequisite, nevertheless.

I keep hearing Him say, “You ARE the plan.”, and yet I have no idea what that even means…Perhaps He isn’t a “last-minute God”. Perhaps I am just a “last-minute” follower.

God Said It And I Believe It…

When I was a child, I remember singing a catchy tune that went like this, “God said it and I believe it and that’s good enough for me!” As a grown 40 year old woman, I am once again seeing what God says will manifest. If God calls you to it, He’ll see you through it. Just listen to this…

After approximately 6 months of my home being on the market, I received an offer and passed the home inspection with only a couple of repairs requested. YAY! Anyone who has sold a home knows how exhausting it can be to have people frequently tour your home at random times. It is especially difficult being out of the house with your dog in the winter for each showing. You could say I was overwhelmed at times. Nevertheless, I pressed on with the endless cleaning, staging, paint touch ups, and so forth. In the real estate market here in the City of York, Pennsylvania, homes can be on the market for over a year. Unfortunately, for a seller there are just too many row homes to choose from. Thankfully, because I listened to the Lord for the timing of when to list, how much to list it for, and when it would sell, it all worked out just as God said it would.


Interestingly enough, back in November just a few weeks after I listed the house, the Lord told me settlement will take place in April. God even encouraged me to document it in my journal to further prove to me I hear Him (see above pic of my journal entry). Sure enough when the offer arrived, the buyer requested a settlement date in April – just as God said!

I can tell you I’ve made some guesses in the past about things and never been correct, but when you know God whispered truth to you, you can rest assured it will all manifest just as He said it would.

How good it is to have a personal relationship with an all-knowing God!


Breaking Up Is Hard To Do!

breaking-up-is-hard-to-doI have just so many things to purge in this 5 bedroom home before we move into an RV and it is challenging posting individual items on craigslist while coordinating schedules for various people to come pick up the stuff. And since it’s all got to go at some point, I decided to have “FREE Fridays” where I advertise a menu of things I am giving away that week and people can come between a certain time (Noon to 4pm, for example) to come pick up whatever they want. If they’d like to donate to my cause, great, but if not that’s totally cool with me. Nobody goes into this to get rich…at least not a worldly kind of rich but rather to enrich the Kingdom of God.

I figure by doing Free Fridays in phases or layers it will be a little easier and less stressful to break up with my stuff. The whole process of downsizing has forced me to prioritize what is genuinely needed versus what is just nice to have. Overall, it has been an immensely liberating experience. I highly recommend it. Live simply.

Hiking During the Open House

Kilgore Falls, Maryland

This past Sunday, our realtor hosted an Open House and had a fair amount of people coming through the home especially when you consider it was a blustery cold autumn day. While our realtor got to work, the hubster and I, along with our little dog, decided to go for a hike not far from home.


Despite the wind advisory and chilly weather, we bundled up and went exploring. The crisp air filled our lungs while the fast paced, but easy hike, warmed our bodies.

kilgorefallsmd2-11-20-16Our pooch ran along the trail and couldn’t contain his excitement. We, too, were thrilled to be amongst the great outdoors and getting some exercise! kilgorefallsmd-11-20-16-jerryleoUpon a brief hike of probably less than a half of mile, we reached huge boulders, a calming creek, and flowing waterfalls. Now, these falls, known as Kilgore Falls located in Jarrettsville, Maryland,  were nothing like the ones we’ve seen in North Carolina and certainly not like the magnificent falls in Oregon, but these falls were still pretty and most of all, convenient, being they are short drive from home.

If you are ever in the Maryland area, Kilgore Falls is a must.


14713051_1129454827108998_6807010151953817019_oThe home I’ve loved and invested in for 10 years is officially on the market! After just having the front re-painted and re-pointed, a new side entrance deck put on leading to the back yard and parking pad, plus new siding put up on the rear bay window, not to mention the new granite countertops and back-splash, new dishwasher and frig, and the new dining room chandelier, she is looking better than ever! My hope is the home will sell quickly, but even if not, I am content and happy here. I trust in God’s perfect timing and His will shall be done, regardless.

This 2200 square foot home boasts…

  • 5 bedrooms
  • 1.5 baths
  • hardwood floors with mahogany inlays
  • original 1887 built-ins and unique woodworking in the kitchen and bedroom
  • amazing architectural features like an arched door & pocket doors
  • 2 bay windows
  • 3 separate floors providing lots of privacy plus a huge basement for storage
  • granite countertops and backsplash
  • new dishwasher and new refrigerator (all appliances in the home convey)
  • gas cooking
  • freshly painted on the front exterior (rear was repainted in 2013)
  • gorgeous rose garden
  • 6 foot lockable black powdered-aluminum fence
  • a parking pad for your convenience plus plenty of street parking
  •  ADT monitored security system with cameras recording 24/7 in the front and rear of the home
  • friendly neighbors
  • within steps of state-of-the-art-library, shops, York Revolution baseball stadium, plays, restaurants, public transportation

If interested, contact my realtor, Tony Thomas at 717.421.6950. To see pictures, visit this link: