Sojourning South

After much anticipation, both the settlement of my York, Pennsylvania property as well as the settlement of the Myrtle Beach property went smoothly yesterday. Today, I sojourned South to my new home at the beach! Stay tuned for more…

God Said It And I Believe It…

When I was a child, I remember singing a catchy tune that went like this, “God said it and I believe it and that’s good enough for me!” As a grown 40 year old woman, I am once again seeing what God says will manifest. If God calls you to it, He’ll see you through it. Just listen to this…

After approximately 6 months of my home being on the market, I received an offer and passed the home inspection with only a couple of repairs requested. YAY! Anyone who has sold a home knows how exhausting it can be to have people frequently tour your home at random times. It is especially difficult being out of the house with your dog in the winter for each showing. You could say I was overwhelmed at times. Nevertheless, I pressed on with the endless cleaning, staging, paint touch ups, and so forth. In the real estate market here in the City of York, Pennsylvania, homes can be on the market for over a year. Unfortunately, for a seller there are just too many row homes to choose from. Thankfully, because I listened to the Lord for the timing of when to list, how much to list it for, and when it would sell, it all worked out just as God said it would.


Interestingly enough, back in November just a few weeks after I listed the house, the Lord told me settlement will take place in April. God even encouraged me to document it in my journal to further prove to me I hear Him (see above pic of my journal entry). Sure enough when the offer arrived, the buyer requested a settlement date in April – just as God said!

I can tell you I’ve made some guesses in the past about things and never been correct, but when you know God whispered truth to you, you can rest assured it will all manifest just as He said it would.

How good it is to have a personal relationship with an all-knowing God!