In God We Trust

(Recorded Jan 22,2019) Carrie and Jerry sit down to discuss what the Lord is teaching them about finances and what it looks like to trust Him to provide our needs! How appropriate for this interesting season of government shutdown!


Learning To Sail

learningtosail2.jpgHere is a video capturing our free¬†#sailing¬†lesson we had this past Sunday. This sailor friend has been such a blessing looking out for us rookies and teaching us things. He even bought me a sailing book that he found helpful while he was learning. In this video, you can see a tour of his vessel, learn what’s involved in preparing to sail, and then towards the end actual sailing (with inspirational music). It was challenging due to the strong wind gusts, but fun too. I certainly learned somethings in the process! Sailing and God have something in common: There is ALWAYS more to learn!